• Gift Certificates

    Nov 29 2017

    If you’re like Santa, you’re checking your list twice! Do you have pet lovers in your life? Looking for a perfect stocking stuffer? Why not give Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital…

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    May is Allergy Awareness Month

    May 02 2017

    Dogs and cats, just like humans, can have allergies. In fact more than 30% of all skin irritations in our pets can be attributed to allergies. These allergies can come…

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    Fireworks Are Very Cool. Unless You’re A Dog

    Jun 30 2016

    Fireworks are the perfect way to end a summer celebration on an awesome note, but while you’re being dazzled by the nighttime display of pyrotechnics, your dog or cat may…

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    Guilt and Stress-Free Pet Boarding

    Jun 17 2016

    Much as you might want to, it isn’t always possible to bring animals along on vacation. And you may not be comfortable asking friends or family to shoulder the responsibility…