It’s National Heartworm Awareness Month!

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Heartworm disease is a very serious disease that can be deadly if left untreated. As effective as preventative medicine is, your dog or cat can still become infected, so annual testing is necessary. The sooner it’s detected, the better your pet’s chance of recovery.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make your pet a priority and schedule your appointment to check for heartworms today. Please call us at 317-428-2530 to book an appointment with us!

At Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital, we recommend giving your dog a Proheart 6 injection along with Bravecto. For your cat, we recommend Revolution once a month.

REVOLUTION is effective, which is why it’s our veterinarians’ #1 choice for preventing and treating fleas on cats and preventing heartworm disease. Five-in-one solution: protects against fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms and ear mites.

What is ProHeart 6?

ProHeart 6 is a medication that prevents heartworm disease in dogs 6 months of age and older. ProHeart 6 is given by injection by your veterinarian. One injection of ProHeart 6 protects your dog from heartworm disease for 6 complete months.

What is Bravecto Chew? 

With Bravecto Chew, dogs get 12 weeks of flea and tick protection with a single treatment. That’s nearly 3x longer than monthly treatments. This makes it easy for you to provide long-lasting coverage to your dog, without having to worry about remembering frequent treatments. With just one chew, your dog is all taken care of, so you can enjoy all of the activities you love to do together, without any worry for your dog.

In the United States, only 51% of owners are up-to-date with their heartworm doses.

  • Blame the mosquito. Pets don’t infect each other, they require a go-between: the mosquito. More than 20 species of mosquitoes are known to spread heartworm, and they can carry the infected larvae for miles, even transmitting the disease from wild animals (such as coyotes) to pets. And while mosquito repellents are a good idea for reducing mosquito numbers, they don’t take the place of monthly heartworm preventives. All it takes is for one infected mosquito to bite your dog or cat, and even the best mosquito repellent won’t provide adequate heartworm protection.
  • Your pet can’t escape the threat of disease. Heartworm incidence has been documented in all 50 states. That’s why the American Heartworm Society guidelines recommend that all U.S. pets be given heartworm preventive on a monthly basis, and dogs be tested annually for heartworm.
  • Cats get heartworm disease, too. Dogs are more susceptible than cats, but cats can become seriously ill from just a few worms. The bottom line: if you live in an area where heartworm disease in dogs is prevalent, your cat should get preventive medication, too.
  • Pets need more than “fair-weather” friends. While spring is when many pets are tested for heartworm, the American Heartworm Society recommends that pets be protected from this deadly parasite year-round, even in the cold-weather months. Between varying weather conditions, warm microclimates


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