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What is Cytopoint?

What is Cytopoint?
November 1, 2021

Itching and scratching are normal habits for dogs and can occur for a variety of reasons. Most scratching is intermittent and nothing to worry about, but if your dog seems to be spending more time scratching than not, it’s clear that there is a problem that needs attention. When dogs suffer from unbearable itching, allergies are often to blame. Our canine pals are just as likely to suffer from allergies as we are, and they can be allergic to the same things too, with pollen, dust, mold, and food being some of the most common triggers.

Unsurprisingly, living with unbearable itching is unpleasant for dogs and owners alike. Your dog will become frustrated and highly stressed that they cannot seem to resolve the itch no matter how much they scratch. And for owners, it can be upsetting to watch your furbaby suffering and their scratching can become irritating and keep you awake. Fortunately, there is a treatment which can help reduce the itch and improve your dog’s quality of life – Cytopoint.

What is Cytopoint and How Does it Work?

Cytopoint is an innovative new treatment that can stop your dog from the misery of persistent itching. It works in a very similar way to your dog’s own immune system, by identifying and neutralizing the proteins that are responsible for triggering the itch. By preventing these proteins from sending itching signals to your pet’s brain, it enables your dog to stop scratching. This is crucially important, not only to prevent them from becoming upset and frustrated by the persistent itch but also to give their skin the space it needs to heal itself. One of the biggest complications of skin allergies is infection, which can occur when dogs scratch so severely that they create open wounds on their skin, and transfer bacteria into it from their paws and tongue. Preventing scratching can reduce the risk of this type of complication and the subsequent need for antibiotics and other treatment.

What to Expect from Cytopoint Treatment?

Cytopoint is administered as an injection, which is delivered by your vet so that you don’t have to be responsible for giving your pet the treatment. It also helps to ensure that your dog receives the full dosage of the treatment and can therefore benefit from the full effects of the treatment. The process is no different to your dog receiving a regular vaccination – it’s over in a few seconds and your dog won’t feel anything other than a momentary scratch while it is delivered. You can stay with your dog while they receive their injection, giving them lots of love and attention to keep them feeling happy and safe.

Cytopoint starts working virtually immediately, but you should notice your dog’s itching starting to ease around 48 hours following treatment. Exactly how long the treatment lasts varies between dogs, but most will achieve relief for between 4 and 8 weeks, after which, additional treatment will be required.

To learn more about Cytopoint treatment for pet allergies, contact Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital in Carmel, IN at (317) 428-2530 to book an appointment.