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How Cytopoint® is Making a Difference For Dogs With Dermatitis

How Cytopoint® is Making a Difference For Dogs With Dermatitis
November 15, 2021

You’ve probably heard of dermatitis, but you may not be aware that it affects dogs just as much as humans. Canine dermatitis can affect all breeds and ages, and while some dogs will escape with just isolated episodes of the condition, other dogs will suffer from chronic dermatitis all of their lives. Whatever frequency affects your dog, the effects of living with dermatitis can be pretty miserable. Here’s what you need to know about the condition, and how a revolutionary new treatment, Cytopoint, is making a very real difference for dogs with dermatitis.

What is Canine Dermatitis?

Canine dermatitis is a very common condition that causes intense itching and inflammation of the skin. It can occur anywhere on your dog’s body but is most often found on the ears, tummy, paws, and armpits. There are various causes of canine dermatitis, including parasites (such as fleas, ticks, and mites), infections, and allergies. If your dog has dermatitis caused by parasites or by a bacterial infection called ringworm, you may find that other pets and even humans in your home are also affected.

What are the Symptoms of Dermatitis in Dogs?

There are many different signs and symptoms of dermatitis, including the following:

  • Extremely itchy skin
  • Hair loss
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Dark, thickened skin
  • Excessive grooming
  • Your dog rubbing their body against furniture or flooring to help obtain relief from itching
  • Your dog biting or chewing their skin to stop the itching
  • Scooting on their bottom
  • Bacterial skin infections
  • Ear infections

Fortunately, dermatitis can usually be diagnosed easily, and your vet will be happy to recommend an appropriate course of treatment. An increasing number of vets are now suggesting that owners of dogs with dermatitis choose a new, injectable treatment called Cytopoint.

What is Cytopoint and How Can it Help?

Cytopoint is a highly effective treatment that can reduce and even eliminate itching in dogs suffering from dermatitis. It works in the same way as your dog’s natural immune system, targeting the proteins that are sending signals to your dog’s brain to tell them to itch. Cytopoint stops this message, thereby stopping the persistent itchiness that has been bothering your dog.

This injectable treatment is performed by veterinarians and is no more invasive or uncomfortable than your dog receiving a simple injection. It takes a few seconds, there is no downtime, and it starts to take effect rapidly, with most dogs experiencing a reduction in itching within 48 hours of their treatment. The effects of Cytopoint can last as long as 8 weeks, after which another injection can be administered.

Cytopoint can make your pet happier and healthier. Studies have shown that as many as 87% of owners state that using Cytopoint has improved their dog’s quality of life. Meanwhile, by stopping the itch, your dog will leave its skin alone which will give it time to recover and heal. This is crucial for preventing any further infections or damage.

Learn more about the benefits of Cytopoint for treating canine dermatitis, contact Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital in Carmel, IN at (317) 428-2530.